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‘Tis the Season: 5 Quick Tips for Seasonal Hiring

As the hectic holiday season approaches, businesses across the country are hiring seasonal workers to meet their staffing needs. We’ve gathered some quick tips to ensure a painless process for hiring and handling seasonal employees.

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Plan Ahead

Develop a plan for how many extra employees you will need, how long you will need them, the specific duties entailed by the position at hand, as well as experience necessary. Start your search early in the season to allow ample time for interviewing, screening, and training.

Utilize Online Hiring Resources

Services like and can help maximize the number of potential candidates who see your listing. These free sites allow you to post your ad to dozens of sites with just one submission.

Be Clear When Hiring

Inform candidates of the temporary nature of the position, and give them a clear idea of the duration their employment early on. Explain which benefits are not extended to seasonal employees. This will help manage expectations and reduce misunderstandings and disputes when employment is concluded at the end of the season.

Conduct Background Screenings

Don’t cut corners when it comes to vetting seasonal hires. Doing so puts your business, employees, and customers at risk. Maintain the same screening practices your company has in place for hiring regular employees, especially if the position has the potential to turn into a full-time opportunity.

Stay Legal

It is critical to know and abide by both federal and state laws when it comes to hiring seasonal employees. Businesses must withhold part of Social Security and Medicare taxes with seasonal employees, just as with regular employees. Additionally, seasonal workers are entitled to workers compensation insurance as well as minimum wage and overtime, unless local laws provide otherwise.

If you opt to partner with a staffing agency to fill the position, delineate each party’s obligations as employers. Understand and uphold your company’s responsibilities in order to avoid co-employment issues.


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