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An Employer's Responsibility: Background Checks

Most employers are doing everything they can to promote a safe work environment for all employees. These employers are eliminating physical hazards, implementing safety committees, adhering to OSHA regulations, and setting safety goals. Although many companies overlook one very important factor to ensure a safe work environment, background checks.

Recently a Colorado jury awarded damages of $210,000 in a sexual assault case where the jury found the employer did not perform a background check that would have uncovered the employee's prior child molestation conviction. An investment of a $40 background check would have prevented this from happening. As an employer, it is not only your responsibility to conduct background checks prior to hiring an employee, but it just makes business sense.

You have worked so hard to build your business. It is important that you protect your assets, employees, and reputation. Let Tracepoint add an extra layer of security to your on-boarding process while saving you time and money. We have NAPBS FCRA advanced certified screeners that personally review every applicant to ensure its accuracy and notify you of potential red flags. Please visit for more information.

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