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Staffing Background Screening

Security Starts with Screening

As a staffing company, your reputation is everything. Clients expect your personnel to be thoroughly vetted and well qualified for the positions they fill. Failing to properly screen applicants puts not just your business at risk, but also can jeopardize the workforce, equipment, and reputation of your clients.

This is why thorough background screening for all positions, from Entry to Executive level, is essential in order to minimize risk and ensure continued and profitable client relationships.


In addition to Criminal Records Searches and past Employment Verifications, many staffing companies supplement their background screening program with Pre-Employment Drug Screening. This additional measure helps to maintain a safe and efficient workplace by keeping illicit drug use at bay and ensuring that all personnel adhere to a drug-free workplace policy.

Expertise you can Trust

Tracepoint is experienced in providing screening solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs and industries served. We will work with you to create custom search package for each of your clients' unique needs:

Standard Background Check

Social Security Number Trace & Verification

National Criminal Database Search

Statewide & County Criminal Database Search

Sex Offender Database Search

OIG Exclusions List - State Assistance Abuse

Global Criminal / Terrorist Watch List

County Criminal Records Search

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Additional Screening Services

Federal Criminal Records Search

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Workers' Compensation Verification

Credential/License Verification

Education Verification

Employment Verification

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Drug Screening Services


5-Panel, 10-Panel

Oral Fluid

5-Panel, 9-Panel + Alcohol



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