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Volunteer Background Screening

Security Starts with Screening

For any volunteer organization, security is a top priority. In addition to serving as community ambassadors and representing your organization, your volunteer staff may also have access to vulnerable populations, sensitive data, or other valuable organizational assets. Failing to properly screen volunteers can put all of these things at risk and can ultimately jeopardize the organization's reputation, community partnerships, and funding.

This is why thorough background screening for all volunteers is essential to ensure the security of the organization's workforce, assets, and reputation. Additionally, many volunteer organizations supplement their  background screening program with drug screening. This additional measure helps keep illicit drug use at bay and ensures that all personnel are well equipped to .

Expertise you can Trust

Tracepoint is experienced in providing custom screening solutions tailored to specific industry needs. We recommend the following background screening packages for volunteer screening:

Volunteer Background Check

Social Security Number Trace & Verification

National Criminal Database Search

Statewide & County Criminal Database Search

Sex Offender Database Search

OIG Exclusions List - State Assistance Abuse

Global Criminal / Terrorist Watch List

County Criminal Records Search

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Additional Screening Services

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Workers' Compensation Verification

Federal Criminal Records Search

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

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Drug Screening Services

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