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Tracepoint Joins Concerned CRAs

Background Check New Orleans

Tracepoint is pleased to announce its self-certification with Concerned CRAs. Established in 2008, Concerned CRAs is a group of over 200 background screening providers (consumer reporting agencies –CRAs) who pledge to uphold the highest industry standards of accuracy, accountability, and data security.

The organization was formed in response to the growing number of background screening providers who, in order to cut cost, choose to offshore their processing of consumers’ sensitive personal data and report criminal records to their clients without verifying them beforehand. Both of these practices put businesses and consumers at great risk, often leading to erroneous background reports, compliance issues, and even legal ramifications.

In order to distinguish themselves from screening firms who partake in these risky business practices, those who self-certify as a Concerned CRA make two key commitments:

First, they pledge to verify all criminal records through courts in the reporting jurisdiction before reporting them to clients. Doing so helps to eliminate issues of misidentification and potential FCRA violations.

Secondly, those who certify as a Concerned CRA guarantee that all sensitive personal data they process will be handled within U.S. borders, where information is safeguarded under U.S. consumer protection laws.

By taking these critical steps in the screening process, background screening firms can ensure that their reports are handled securely and that the information they provide to clients is verified and up-to-date. At Tracepoint, we are proud to make this commitment to our clients’ best interests.


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