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Choosing the Right Background Screening Partner for your Company

Background Screening Partnership

As pre-employment screening needs continues to be on the rise, the prevalence of background screening companies continues to grow as well. How do you choose the best partner for your company? We’ve put together a few tips for you to consider.

1. Credibility Factor

What’s the company’s online and social media presence look like? Do they have positive or negative reviews from previous customers? What associations, affiliations and organizations are they members of? Have they won awards or received any kind of recognition? It’s also critical to make sure that the company is compliant with federal and state regulations.

2. Make your money count

In the world of background checks, the cheapest route may not be the most effective one. Be aware of using the cheapest online websites. Many of these aren’t fully compliant and/or exclude valuable information from the report. If you’re going to truly do your due diligence, quality should definitely supersede cost.

3. Range of Services As a company, consider what steps you need to take and services you need to request to effectively achieve your screening goals. Are you looking for a comprehensive criminal background check? Drug testing? Education or employment verifications? Identify your specific needs and seek out a company that can meet all of them. Consolidation can be key to simplifying the process.

4. Communication and timely delivery

One of the most common complaints I’ve heard from our clients that switched to us from another company was the lack of communication. Some of them wouldn’t get any kind of callback, follow-up or update for days/even weeks at a time. Mind boggling, I know. Strong communication and timely turnaround is KEY in this industry. Our job is to help enable you to make smart hiring decisions, fast and successfully.

5. Who are their clients?

Let their clients speak. Ask for client testimonials or references, if they’re not already posted on their website or included in their initial proposal. Getting a feel for the companies and the types of industries they serve will help you get a stronger grasp on their experience and ability to get the job done well. A larger and satisfied client base speaks volumes.


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