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Many results take just minutes. Physical searches of county courthouses, workers compensation and searches requiring direct contact with former employers, landlords or institutions typically take 3-5 days.


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Disparate Treatment vs Disparate Impact

Jun 23, 2016

Part Two in our series on the EEOC's Title VII compliance. This week we take a close look at the difference between disparate treatment and disparate impact. We break down broad interpretations of these definitions and what the EEOC looks for when investigating potential discrimination violations. read more...

New Series on the EEOC's Title VII Guidance

Jun 15, 2016

Are you ready for a comprehensive look at the EEOC's complicated guidance on Title VII compliance? This series brought to you over the next couple of weeks will take an exhaustive look at all aspects of compliance with the EEOC's guidance on Title VII guidelines. We will be covering the most critical topics: disparate impact, the green factors, targeted exclusions, individualized assessments, less discriminatory alternatives, and, of course, developing workable best practices for your business! read more...

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Accurate Sources.

We go straight to the source, using law enforcement databases, physical searches of records from courthouses or record repositories. We also contact employers, educational institutions, and licensing bodies directly.

We make it easy.

We value our clients’ time and business, and most results are delivered in less than 24-hours. Our top priority is to help ensure efficiency, safety, and success for your company.

100% Compliant.

Our procedures and information meet the requirements set by all applicable laws and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our resources enable us to meticulously comply with constantly changing legislation that affects the way in which we obtain and report information.